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How to set Up a wordpress Blog

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For making your own WordPress blog You will need A domain name and web hosting.
Domain name
It will be URL(Internet address) of your Blog as well name of your blog.
You should select a Domain carefully and relative to your title.

It will host your WordPress script and make available online your blog.

Webhosting and domain name you can purchase from .
And if you already own domain and webhosting then You can get started.

Installing WordPress script
In first step You need To Download script from  .
Unzip the script
And then upload it in Public_html folder of your server by using ftp.
After upload Create a Database from control panel of your hosting.

You will require 4 details
1. database name
2. database user name
3. database password

after creating database.
Now open wp-config-sample.php

In this file Replace database_name_here with your database name
username_here with database username
password_here with database password.

Save the file and rename the wp-config-sample.php into
Now upload the wp-config.php in your publich_html of your FTP.

Now open your Website you will able to see page.
Wordpress installation screenshot
Now fill details and always use strong password(The thing about your self which you know. and use upper case and lower case with numbers and spacial symbols ).
And then login To your admin panel and delete test comment and post.

Your Blog is ready..
If you have any question related to installation.. feel free to ask.


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