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Free Domain Monitor service (Backorder Or availability checker)

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Hi, we have developed a Service which is Helpful for domainers and webmasters.

We have developed a a Tool which check availability of Registered domain names each Hour.
And send You a email when they become available for New registrations.

 Free domain catcher Tool

So Now you don’t need To keep checking availability your desired domain.
This Tool will keep checking It and mail You when the domain will be available. ūüôā

one more thing-Your information will remain secrete, Evan from me.
You can trust Us.

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Wap autoindex php script [appstore script]

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We have developed a PHP Mobile wap autoindex script for download Portal and application store for apps.

Features of the script is Listed below-

1. Auto detect Platform & Switch Platform [ Android, java & symbian]
2. Developer Registration
3. App Game submission(Description, Thumb, screenshots & main file)
4. developer Profiles
5. Apps search
6. Popular, Top rated and New apps indexing.
7. Admin Panel To accept and reject submitted apps,
8. File rating with Star
9. comments on File
10. captcha On comment and registration to stop spam,
11. email Notification when apps get accepted or rejected.
12. Activation email for developer

This script will be perfect if You are Going to start a mobile download wapsite or appstore for Mobile Phones.

Demo of the script

If you have any specific requirement Then also you can contact us. ūüôā

Cost of the script= 50$ Only[Installation charges included]
To Buy call me at +919636209220 or mail me at [email protected] ūüôā
thats Our own coded script.


Use of windows button(Super Key) in Linux ?

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If are using Linux then You may have pressed windows button many time but it dose n’t react any thing.

Ok Now i am going To show what is use of It ūüėČ

In Ubuntu 10.04

(Just repress the buttons to reverse the action)

Press  windows Button + N  It will reverse the colors of current application

Press windows Button + M It will reverse colors Whole OS.

Windows button + Tab It will open minimized another application.

Windows button + A or W It will allow You to view all maximized tabs

windows Button + E It will show all workplaces on whole screen and You will be able to select By double click on work place.

Windows Button + Shit + S It will make a round of all current opened applications and move smoothly on Your screen.

Ok i know only these use of windows key in linux. If you any other work of it Please tell me(comment here) I would love to know that.


In Ubuntu 12.04

Super Key + Tab It will allow you to switch applications in Launcher.

Super key+  1 to 9  It will allow you to Open application From launcher

Super Key+ W speared all Running apps on desktop and allow you to quick switch between them.

Super key + S   allow You to switch between work places.

 Super key+ Shift + 1 to 9  It will allow you to Open New windows of application From launcher

Super key + T will open Trush

super Key (tap) Open Dash Home

super Key + A or F or M Open application Lan or  Files lan Or  Music Lan

Control + super key + D minimize all running apps.

Control + suer key + Up key maximize all running applications


And main one “Hold Super key it will show you all Shortcut Keys”. ūüėČ


Use of windows Button

Linux trick

Use of windows key in Linux


Powerful php whois script

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I have developed a Powerful php whois checker script which can check whois information of all gTLD’s

and 42ccTLD’s

ae, ag, at,  au, be, br, ca , ch, cn , co, cz, de, fi, fj, fm,  fr, hu,  ie, in, is, it, jp, li, lt, lu, ly, mx,  nl, nu, nz, pl, pt, ru, sc, se, si, su, uk, us, ve, ws,,,

More can be added.

Check who is of IP address

It also check Alexa Rank, backlinks , Reach rank of alexa, also garb description from alexa, Meta keywords from website, Meta description from website, Check IP of website, Convert IP To Long and show Page rank in Image.

The script also check DNS of website and short Them in Table BY Nameserver, Aname record and mx records.

Also SEO friendly .. with CSS Menu, and java script Looks good.
[URL rewriter] SEO friendly and clean Links


Autositemap generator script is included which submit each created page to Google search engine.
It also show Show  HTML source code of website.

Meta tags, meta description and Titles are in php whichmake SEO friendly page.

It save each domain in database with time and display checked domains on test.php 

And it have ability to extract domain name from a Long and any Type of URL..

It is best solution if you are going To start a whois website.

Demo of the whois script can be found at

Cost of The full script is Only 20$

Payment method can By paypal Or Bnak transfer . Or for more payment Options you can mail me at


or call me on +91-9636209220

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How to USE FTP

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My some new customers always ask me

what To do with the Hosting Login details?

How can I Update my website?

Where i have to upload my HTML files on server ?

where i have to upload script to update my website?


Most of peoples use FTP to transfer file server To Local computer.


what is FTP?

FTP- File transfer Protocol

FTP port- 20,21

Ok To start You have to download a FTP client software.

I suggest you to download filezilla.

Its easy, Open source , FREE to use.

Which you can download from filehippo.

after download and install.

Open filezilla

and in

Host write Your server IP/Domain name.

User name = Your hosting username/cpanel user name /direct admin user name/account name

Password= Password of the account.

Port- (Leave Blank)


Now Click on quick connect .


After connection

Open Public_html Folder under your Remote site

Then drug drop files from Left local computer to server.. ūüôā


I will write New article on trouble shooting in FTP.

and if you are facing any problem write here..


in the article   / = or

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