Use of windows button(Super Key) in Linux ?

If are using Linux then You may have pressed windows button many time but it dose n’t react any thing.

Ok Now i am going To show what is use of It 😉

In Ubuntu 10.04

(Just repress the buttons to reverse the action)

Press  windows Button + N  It will reverse the colors of current application

Press windows Button + M It will reverse colors Whole OS.

Windows button + Tab It will open minimized another application.

Windows button + A or W It will allow You to view all maximized tabs

windows Button + E It will show all workplaces on whole screen and You will be able to select By double click on work place.

Windows Button + Shit + S It will make a round of all current opened applications and move smoothly on Your screen.

Ok i know only these use of windows key in linux. If you any other work of it Please tell me(comment here) I would love to know that.


In Ubuntu 12.04

Super Key + Tab It will allow you to switch applications in Launcher.

Super key+  1 to 9  It will allow you to Open application From launcher

Super Key+ W speared all Running apps on desktop and allow you to quick switch between them.

Super key + S   allow You to switch between work places.

 Super key+ Shift + 1 to 9  It will allow you to Open New windows of application From launcher

Super key + T will open Trush

super Key (tap) Open Dash Home

super Key + A or F or M Open application Lan or  Files lan Or  Music Lan

Control + super key + D minimize all running apps.

Control + suer key + Up key maximize all running applications


And main one “Hold Super key it will show you all Shortcut Keys”. 😉


Use of windows Button

Linux trick

Use of windows key in Linux


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  1. Johan Avatar

    The Windows key is called the “Super” key in Linux.

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