Where to buy affordable Dedicated Server?


Are you looking to buy cheap and affordable dedicated Server Or VPS?
And your budget is around 40$ to 100$ ?

Then i will suggest you to take a look on Joes Datacenter Pricing.

     Free with Every Dedicated  Server you will get.

  1. Free Reboots
  2. One Free Reload per month
  3. MRTG Network Graphs
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Setup in 24/48 Hours
  6. Free Directadmin (Linux only- one time $5 setup fee) Control Panel

          Price of Each Dedicated Server include

  1. 5 Usable ipv4 IP Address Or 68 ipv6 IP Address
  2. 500 GB HDD
  3. 10 TB Bandwidth with 1000Mb Port.

Available Servers

  1. $74 Intel 4-Core i7 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  2. $54 Intel 4-Core i5 w/ 8GB Ram
  3. $48 Intel 2-Core i3 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  4. $49 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5420 w/ 8GB Ram
  5. $58 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5530 w/ 24GB Ram
  6. $40 AMD Opteron Dual-Core 2Ghz *(2GB RAM & 250 GB HDD)
  7. $35 Intel P4 2.8Ghz (RAM 512MB 120 GB HDD)(Not recommended)

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Make one thing clear in mind that JoesDatacenter is not Reseller, They are a Datacenter who is hosted in Oak Tower (Kansas City). The same building where Datashack & WholesaleInternet hosted,

The main reason of Choosing them is their Very User Friendly support, flexibility and affordability. You can also search on internet for their reviews.

I am using JoesDatacenter from past 3Years, Very satisfied customer of them And never had any issue with them. 🙂

My post is Not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience and guiding you for getting best possible Hosting Service,


Upgrade options at JoesDataCenter

  1. 13 Usable IP address- 16$/MO
  2. 100Mbps on 1000Mbps port billed 95 Percentile – 50$ per MO
  3. HardDrive (1TB- 10$/MO) (2TB- 15$/MO)
  4. Cpanel WHM 34$/MO

Available Operating Systems

  1. Linux CentOS
  2. Linux Debain
  3. Linux Ubuntu
  4. Linux FreeBDS
  5. VMWare ESXi
  6. Windows 2008 Standard Ed (25$)
  7. Windows 2008 Web Ed (15$)
  8. Windows 2003 Standard Ed (25$)
  9. Windows 2003 Web Ed (15$)



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