[Permanent Fix] Windows 10 – This app has been blocked for your protection

I have recently upgraded to windows 8 to windows 10, When i tried to open D-Link Connection Manager it did not opened due to Error of User Account Control.

This app has been blocked for your protection.

An administrator has blocked you from running this app, For more information contact the Administrator.

Reason of not opening the app was

Publisher: Not Trusted.

windows10blockedappThen i switched user To administrator (Start > Select user Name> Sign Out> sign in as Administrator)

Then the App worked fine in that account,

Now i wanted to work it in user account, I googled but haven’t found any permanent Fix,

Then i created my own solution for the problem,

In step:1

Write down Path of the .Exe.

Right click on icon of your app.

See the Target Link for me it was

C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\WirelessModem.exe



Setp 2:-

I separated File Path and File Name, (pretty  easy C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\ is path and After last backslash(\) is file name “WirelessModem.exe")

Created New txt file on Desktop by Right clicking Desktop ,

New > Text Document

Added this code in that txt file

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\
start WirelessModem.exe

Where cd list directory and start will launch the App.

3rd step

Now Rename the file with .cmd extension

Like i did Dlink.cmd


4th Step

Now when ever you want to run the app,

Just Choose “Run As Administrator” by right clicking on it.

Your app will launch.



You can also make dat file to run the commands.


And if you are facing problems specific to DLink Modem then Download Lastest Connection Manager.


You have question or better solution then let me know.






7 responses to “[Permanent Fix] Windows 10 – This app has been blocked for your protection”

  1. M. H. Sadat Avatar
    M. H. Sadat

    Thanks. It worked.

  2. Simon Avatar

    wonderful! it works! thank you so much!
    even on microsoft pages you cannot find a definitive solution like this one…

  3. pitters Avatar

    Thank you so much – I have been battling with various suggestions for days, with none of them working.
    Multo grazie 🙂

  4. Raj Shinde Avatar
    Raj Shinde

    My brother is the administrator and he blocked some of my apps. He left the city and now I want to use those apps even though I am not a administrator. Will this method work for me too??

    1. admin Avatar

      Yes you can.

  5. Oytisa Onato Avatar
    Oytisa Onato

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!! It Worked.Thank you so much!

    1. admin Avatar

      Glad to know that!! 😉

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