Download Android Apps to Computer and Mobile at apkdl.in

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Having problem in accessing Play store or error during download?

Want to download app for emulator?

Our new Project can bring all the free Apps to your phone.

Try Downloading free Android apps at http://apkdl.in

All the apps are scanned by Avast Antivirus Also verified by Google.

Apkdl.in also allow you to download obb files for large size games,

IF you have any suggestions then let me know. :))




[Permanent Fix] Windows 10 – This app has been blocked for your protection

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I have recently upgraded to windows 8 to windows 10, When i tried to open D-Link Connection Manager it did not opened due to Error of User Account Control.

This app has been blocked for your protection.

An administrator has blocked you from running this app, For more information contact the Administrator.

Reason of not opening the app was

Publisher: Not Trusted.

windows10blockedappThen i switched user To administrator (Start > Select user Name> Sign Out> sign in as Administrator)

Then the App worked fine in that account,

Now i wanted to work it in user account, I googled but haven’t found any permanent Fix,

Then i created my own solution for the problem,

In step:1

Write down Path of the .Exe.

Right click on icon of your app.

See the Target Link for me it was

C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\WirelessModem.exe



Setp 2:-

I separated File Path and File Name, (pretty  easy C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\ is path and After last backslash(\) is file name “WirelessModem.exe")

Created New txt file on Desktop by Right clicking Desktop ,

New > Text Document

Added this code in that txt file

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Link Connection Manager\
start WirelessModem.exe

Where cd list directory and start will launch the App.

3rd step

Now Rename the file with .cmd extension

Like i did Dlink.cmd


4th Step

Now when ever you want to run the app,

Just Choose “Run As Administrator” by right clicking on it.

Your app will launch.



You can also make dat file to run the commands.


And if you are facing problems specific to DLink Modem then Download Lastest Connection Manager.


You have question or better solution then let me know.


How to use Telegram stickers on WhatsApp and facebook

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If you are in love with Telegram and Its stickers.

I will share you a way u can use telegram stickers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Hike, WeChat and Any Other Chat app or Website.

Just use StickerDownloadBot .

1. Start StickerDownloadBot .

2. Send a Sticker to bot. Then it will return you a png File,

3. Download the Image and save to gallery.

4. Upload on whatsApp or Facebook.

I needed such bot that is why we developed it.

No WaterMark Or  Ad. Just free service.



Where to buy affordable Dedicated Server?

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Are you looking to buy cheap and affordable dedicated Server Or VPS?
And your budget is around 40$ to 100$ ?

Then i will suggest you to take a look on Joes Datacenter Pricing.

     Free with Every Dedicated  Server you will get.

  1. Free Reboots
  2. One Free Reload per month
  3. MRTG Network Graphs
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Setup in 24/48 Hours
  6. Free Directadmin (Linux only- one time $5 setup fee) Control Panel

          Price of Each Dedicated Server include

  1. 5 Usable ipv4 IP Address Or 68 ipv6 IP Address
  2. 500 GB HDD
  3. 10 TB Bandwidth with 1000Mb Port.

Available Servers

  1. $74 Intel 4-Core i7 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  2. $54 Intel 4-Core i5 w/ 8GB Ram
  3. $48 Intel 2-Core i3 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  4. $49 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5420 w/ 8GB Ram
  5. $58 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5530 w/ 24GB Ram
  6. $40 AMD Opteron Dual-Core 2Ghz *(2GB RAM & 250 GB HDD)
  7. $35 Intel P4 2.8Ghz (RAM 512MB 120 GB HDD)(Not recommended)

     Make Your Order



Make one thing clear in mind that JoesDatacenter is not Reseller, They are a Datacenter who is hosted in Oak Tower (Kansas City). The same building where Datashack & WholesaleInternet hosted,

The main reason of Choosing them is their Very User Friendly support, flexibility and affordability. You can also search on internet for their reviews.

I am using JoesDatacenter from past 3Years, Very satisfied customer of them And never had any issue with them. 🙂

My post is Not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience and guiding you for getting best possible Hosting Service,


Upgrade options at JoesDataCenter

  1. 13 Usable IP address- 16$/MO
  2. 100Mbps on 1000Mbps port billed 95 Percentile – 50$ per MO
  3. HardDrive (1TB- 10$/MO) (2TB- 15$/MO)
  4. Cpanel WHM 34$/MO

Available Operating Systems

  1. Linux CentOS
  2. Linux Debain
  3. Linux Ubuntu
  4. Linux FreeBDS
  5. VMWare ESXi
  6. Windows 2008 Standard Ed (25$)
  7. Windows 2008 Web Ed (15$)
  8. Windows 2003 Standard Ed (25$)
  9. Windows 2003 Web Ed (15$)



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If you need my help in buying server then drop me mail at mkj@mkj.co.in


How To send Money Using WesternUnion And MoneyGram From India

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If you want to send money using Westen Union or MoneyGram in china, France, USA, Canada or anywhere outside of India Then Best way is to Find out some Other Payment Method.
Because RBI have Blocked Money Sending Using Western Union and MoneyGram . You can Receive Money but can not send money. 😉
You can confirm the Same At Their Toll Free Numbers
MoneyGram- 1800-102-7333
Western Union 1800-425-1851

Your Govt. Don’t Trust You, 😉

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