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How to use Telegram stickers on WhatsApp and facebook

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If you are in love with Telegram and Its stickers.

I will share you a way u can use telegram stickers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Hike, WeChat and Any Other Chat app or Website.

Just use StickerDownloadBot .

1. Start StickerDownloadBot .

2. Send a Sticker to bot. Then it will return you a png File,

3. Download the Image and save to gallery.

4. Upload on whatsApp or Facebook.

I needed such bot that is why we developed it.

No WaterMark Or  Ad. Just free service.



Where to buy affordable Dedicated Server?

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Are you looking to buy cheap and affordable dedicated Server Or VPS?
And your budget is around 40$ to 100$ ?

Then i will suggest you to take a look on Joes Datacenter Pricing.

     Free with Every Dedicated  Server you will get.

  1. Free Reboots
  2. One Free Reload per month
  3. MRTG Network Graphs
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Setup in 24/48 Hours
  6. Free Directadmin (Linux only- one time $5 setup fee) Control Panel

          Price of Each Dedicated Server include

  1. 5 Usable ipv4 IP Address Or 68 ipv6 IP Address
  2. 500 GB HDD
  3. 10 TB Bandwidth with 1000Mb Port.

Available Servers

  1. $74 Intel 4-Core i7 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  2. $54 Intel 4-Core i5 w/ 8GB Ram
  3. $48 Intel 2-Core i3 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
  4. $49 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5420 w/ 8GB Ram
  5. $58 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5530 w/ 24GB Ram
  6. $40 AMD Opteron Dual-Core 2Ghz *(2GB RAM & 250 GB HDD)
  7. $35 Intel P4 2.8Ghz (RAM 512MB 120 GB HDD)(Not recommended)

     Make Your Order



Make one thing clear in mind that JoesDatacenter is not Reseller, They are a Datacenter who is hosted in Oak Tower (Kansas City). The same building where Datashack & WholesaleInternet hosted,

The main reason of Choosing them is their Very User Friendly support, flexibility and affordability. You can also search on internet for their reviews.

I am using JoesDatacenter from past 3Years, Very satisfied customer of them And never had any issue with them. 🙂

My post is Not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience and guiding you for getting best possible Hosting Service,


Upgrade options at JoesDataCenter

  1. 13 Usable IP address- 16$/MO
  2. 100Mbps on 1000Mbps port billed 95 Percentile – 50$ per MO
  3. HardDrive (1TB- 10$/MO) (2TB- 15$/MO)
  4. Cpanel WHM 34$/MO

Available Operating Systems

  1. Linux CentOS
  2. Linux Debain
  3. Linux Ubuntu
  4. Linux FreeBDS
  5. VMWare ESXi
  6. Windows 2008 Standard Ed (25$)
  7. Windows 2008 Web Ed (15$)
  8. Windows 2003 Standard Ed (25$)
  9. Windows 2003 Web Ed (15$)



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If you need my help in buying server then drop me mail at [email protected]


How To send Money Using WesternUnion And MoneyGram From India

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If you want to send money using Westen Union or MoneyGram in china, France, USA, Canada or anywhere outside of India Then Best way is to Find out some Other Payment Method.
Because RBI have Blocked Money Sending Using Western Union and MoneyGram . You can Receive Money but can not send money. 😉
You can confirm the Same At Their Toll Free Numbers
MoneyGram- 1800-102-7333
Western Union 1800-425-1851

Your Govt. Don’t Trust You, 😉


Passport Seva India: Complete Process Of Making PassPort Online Step By Step

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I have seen Lots of people charging 500 INR for each passport application.
I am Going To teach Whole Process For making passport Simply.

In 1st Step

You will Need To Register at PassPort Seva Website
On This page-
Passport Office *=Select Your Current state’s PassPort Office City.
Given Name (Max 45 Characters) = First Name + Middle Name (Do Not Add Mr Mrs shree etc)
Date of Birth*= DD/MM/YYYY (eg 29/02/1980)
Email ID= Give Your Working EMAIL ID. (On the email id they will send a verification Link, you will have to verify your account)
Do you want your Login ID to be same as Email ID?= In This filed I Suggest You To choose Yes.
Login ID*= Make your email as you login id. It would be easy to remember.
Password= The password must contain one digit (0-9), one lowercase (a-z) or uppercase (A-Z) character. It can contain minimum 8 and maximum 14 characters. (Eg Mukesh888, drupal435 etc)
Confirm Password*= Repeat the Password
Hint Question*= Select any Question(Select a Question which is hard to answer for others)
Answer= Simply answer it.
Enter characters displayed*= See The image and write characters which is Showing on It.

Now Click On Register.

2nd Step

Now You will Get a email withing 15 Minutes. Click On the Activation Link.
It will redirect To website Again. There you will have to enter Your USERID..
Then Login To Your account.(Write ID password and capita image.)

Download Form For Applying For PassPort

Download The Given Form and Open with Adobe Reader(Download).

Step 3

Fill the form.
Some Important Points where you might need assistance.
Type of Application *
Tatkal- If you need passport in emergency, It will cost you 2000 INR extra then a Normal One.
Are you eligible for Non-ECR category? *- ECR= emigration clearance required.
Visible Distinguishing Mark- Ex= Mole on upper lips.
Give correct information and mark i agree, and fill the Name of Place where you filled the form and date of the day.
And finally Click on Save.
After Saving You will get a XML File(xml is extension Eg. YourName.xml).
Now Visit to Passportindia Portal and Login to your account.
Now Select in left sidebar Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport.
Then Upload The XML FIle.

After Uploading Application.
Click on View Saved/Submitted Applications.
Now select the Application And click On Schedule Appointment .
Now follow the process. Choose the best suitable time and date.
You Must Select Passport seva Kendra of Your District. (It shows during Signup at The website.)

Now Go To Document Advisor.
Check what are documents Needed. Make them all of them ready. There will be no excuse for any document.
Now Visit To The Passport Seva Kendra at time.
With Your application Fee Amount and Documents And 2 Photo Copies of all the documents.
There will be 3 Steps OF verification.
In 1st Step they will take finger prints and Application fee and give you your file for further steps.
The Next steps are also Easy to pass. Then submit the File in End.

After 15-20 Days You will get call from Police station They will ask you To come Police station with documents.(You can ask them what are the documents Required for verification.)

In This step They will surely ask for bribe. (I have refused To pay)
After 15days Of Police verification You will get Your passport By SPEED POST.

Getting passport Is Not Difficult But Getting Supporting documents is Just Like HELL.

If You Have any Question Regarding Passport Application You can ask me here in comments.



Indian District Database state vise

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I have  made database of all indian District Database state vise.

You can count it as Database of all Major cities of India. 🙂

Hope It will help you in developing website for indian users and save your valuable time. 🙂

Download- indian-districts-database 

Creation date- 09-12-2012

If any problem or Error Feel free to write here. 🙂


Free Domain Monitor service (Backorder Or availability checker)

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Hi, we have developed a Service which is Helpful for domainers and webmasters.

We have developed a a Tool which check availability of Registered domain names each Hour.
And send You a email when they become available for New registrations.

 Free domain catcher Tool

So Now you don’t need To keep checking availability your desired domain.
This Tool will keep checking It and mail You when the domain will be available. 🙂

one more thing-Your information will remain secrete, Evan from me.
You can trust Us.

# Free domain backorder
# Free domain catcher Boot.
# Free domain Dropcatch


Wap autoindex php script [appstore script]

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We have developed a PHP Mobile wap autoindex script for download Portal and application store for apps.

Features of the script is Listed below-

1. Auto detect Platform & Switch Platform [ Android, java & symbian]
2. Developer Registration
3. App Game submission(Description, Thumb, screenshots & main file)
4. developer Profiles
5. Apps search
6. Popular, Top rated and New apps indexing.
7. Admin Panel To accept and reject submitted apps,
8. File rating with Star
9. comments on File
10. captcha On comment and registration to stop spam,
11. email Notification when apps get accepted or rejected.
12. Activation email for developer

This script will be perfect if You are Going to start a mobile download wapsite or appstore for Mobile Phones.

Demo of the script

If you have any specific requirement Then also you can contact us. 🙂

Cost of the script= 50$ Only[Installation charges included]
To Buy call me at +919636209220 or mail me at mk[email protected] 🙂
thats Our own coded script.


Use of windows button(Super Key) in Linux ?

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If are using Linux then You may have pressed windows button many time but it dose n’t react any thing.

Ok Now i am going To show what is use of It 😉

In Ubuntu 10.04

(Just repress the buttons to reverse the action)

Press  windows Button + N  It will reverse the colors of current application

Press windows Button + M It will reverse colors Whole OS.

Windows button + Tab It will open minimized another application.

Windows button + A or W It will allow You to view all maximized tabs

windows Button + E It will show all workplaces on whole screen and You will be able to select By double click on work place.

Windows Button + Shit + S It will make a round of all current opened applications and move smoothly on Your screen.

Ok i know only these use of windows key in linux. If you any other work of it Please tell me(comment here) I would love to know that.


In Ubuntu 12.04

Super Key + Tab It will allow you to switch applications in Launcher.

Super key+  1 to 9  It will allow you to Open application From launcher

Super Key+ W speared all Running apps on desktop and allow you to quick switch between them.

Super key + S   allow You to switch between work places.

 Super key+ Shift + 1 to 9  It will allow you to Open New windows of application From launcher

Super key + T will open Trush

super Key (tap) Open Dash Home

super Key + A or F or M Open application Lan or  Files lan Or  Music Lan

Control + super key + D minimize all running apps.

Control + suer key + Up key maximize all running applications


And main one “Hold Super key it will show you all Shortcut Keys”. 😉


Use of windows Button

Linux trick

Use of windows key in Linux

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